Corporate Ukrainian
and Russian for companies

We offer corporate courses of Ukrainian and Russian for international organisations as well as local companies.


The classes can be held individually, in groups, online and offline (at our school or your office).
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Corporate Russian

Russian as foreign for your company’s international personnel ranging from a Basic course to Business Russian etc.

Corporate Ukrainian

Ukrainian of any level for foreign staff (including specific requests such as Business Ukrainian, Legal Ukrainian etc).

Ukrainian for locals

Ukrainian for local staff where we can boost and refine their language skills.


We have been cooperating with local and international companies from the very beginning. Our clients range from tech companies to embassies and NGOs.

and Offers

Lectures and workshops

Our school also offers a series of lectures and workshops on various topics, including but not limited to Ukrainian and Russian language, Ukrainian culture, literature, lifestyle etc. that make a great addition to our main course of Ukrainian or Russian.

The format is available for individual lessons, mini-groups and groups of 3 and more students. This can be either one lecture that touches on the chosen subject, or a series of 5 lectures – for those eager to dive in.

All lectures can be read in Ukrainian, Russian or English – it is up to you! These lectures can be a great idea to help your new international personnel get to know Ukraine and adjust to the local lifestyle.


Ukrainian for business communication package

A separate package that will help businesses communicate with customers in Ukrainian. This package of Ukrainian for business provides:

• analysis of texts on the site and pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) on the unity of style
• checking the correctness of the Ukrainian language of your texts
• editing texts in Ukrainian
• preparation of scripts in Ukrainian for answers to emails, phone calls, in messengers and direct, for work with clients in trade halls and at cash desks.

Corporate offer available upon request. Contact us for details.