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Ukrainian language lessons

You can study Ukrainian in groups or individually, in Kyiv or online anywhere in the world. We offer a communicative teaching approach and modern custom-tailored programs.
Ukrainian is the second most melodic language in the world. And we can show you why.

of Ukrainian
We Offer

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You can attend all Ukrainian classes in a group or individually.


If you want to dedicate some of your time to language studies and fit it into your busy schedule, if you plan to study for a couple of months or more then this would be your best option. The classes run on a regular basis, usually 1 to 4 times a week, without a fixed end date. The standard lesson duration – 60, 90 or 120 min.


This option is available the whole year and is especially popular in the summer. If you finally decided to jump-start learning Russian or dive into it completely to speed up your progress or if you like the idea of combining traveling and language immersion together with an in-depth language study, this option is just for you.Everyday classes from 2 to 5 hours for a period of 1 to 4 weeks.


If there are foreign members of staff in your company or organisation and you’d like to arrange a language study to make them feel more comfortable, we can offer corporate classes of Russian tailored to any specific request, be it Business or Legal Russian or a short course covering the basics of the language.

of the Courses

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In groups or face-to-face in Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or any other app


Group or one-to-one lessons at our school in central Kyiv or at your home or office


A combination of the online and offline options above, allowing higher flexibility

Prices of the classes

Prices of the classes

Prices of the classes

*Prices “per hour” mean prices for 60 minutes of class.
Price per person
Daily group
2-6 people
€150 per week
€ 10 per hour
– everyday 3-hour classes (180 min)
– minimum period of attendance is 1 week
– can be paid weekly or monthly
On-demand group
3-6 people
€10 per hour
– classes run 1-3 times a week or more
– duration can be 60, 90, 120 min
– paid monthly
Individual classes
1 person
€19 per hour
– duration can be 60, 90, 120 min
– individual schedule each month
– paid monthly
Mini group
2 people
€12 per hour
– duration can be 60, 90, 120 min
– individual schedule each month
– paid monthly

Not sure about your level? Test your Ukrainian online.

Beginner groups
Schedule 2021/22

Students who are not Beginners can join a group of their respective level on Mondays throughout the year.
December 13
March 14
June 6,20
September 12
January 10
April 11
July 4, 18
October 10
February 7
May 9, 23
August 1, 15, 29
November 7

ALMA School

Language competence certificate

Once you completed a course at ALMA School or reached a higher level of the language, you will obtain a certificate acknowledging your achievements as well as the current level of Ukrainian.

Gift certificate — a perfect present for your friends and family!

We at ALMA School also offer a gift certificate option for classes of Russian or Ukrainian as foreign. The number of classes varies according to your request with the lowest possible price of the certificate being the price for one lesson. Choose a gift that keeps on giving!

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