and Conditions

1. Payment

1.1. Payment for individual, mini-group and on-demand group classes is made 100 % in advance for one month of planned classes according to the schedule discussed at the end of each month.

1.2. Payment for daily group intensive classes is made 100 % in advance for the minimum term of one week.

1.3. ALMA School reserves the right to charge for the classes that were cancelled under the terms explained in paragraph 2 of this Policy.

1.4. Textbooks, audio materials and visual aids are to be paid for separately.

2. Cancellation and No-Show

2.1. Cancellation (or postponing) of an individual, a mini-group or an on-demand group class may be done by the student (one of the students in a mini-group or group in agreement with the other students) no later than before 19:00 of the day prior to the day with a scheduled class (UTC+2 in summer — UTC+3) via our email: info@almaschool.com.ua or by telephone: +380 99 535 35 45. In this case, ALMA School won't charge you for the cancelled (postponed) class.

2.2. In case the class is cancelled (or postponed) later than noted in p. 2.1 of the Policy or if the student fails to show up without cancelling their class, the payment for the cancelled (postponed) class (either an individual or a mini-group class) will be charged amounting to 100% of the cost such class.

2.3. Cancellation of a daily group intensive class is not possible and the student will be charged. Missed daily group classes are not postponed to a later date, nor are they otherwise compensated or refunded.

2.4. ALMA School doesn’t work on Ukrainian national holidays and holiday-related non-working days. If the student wishes to have a lesson on these days, ALMA School may organise the lesson provided there are available teachers who work on these days.

2.5. ALMA School's administration always asks about students' plans for the upcoming month in the end of the current month. Scheduling of classes for regular students (i.e. students who follow fixed timetables from month to month) is automatically renewed in the beginning of each month unless the student informs otherwise. If regular students fail to inform the School in time before the renewal, the classes scheduled during that time are considered confirmed and will be charged for.

3. Deposits and Refunds

3.1. The deposit (advance payment) for classes is not refunded unless the administration of ALMA School decides otherwise.

3.2. The deposit (advance payment) must be used within the period of 6 month starting from the date of the purchase. If the pricing policy of the school changes before the deposit runs out, the amount of the deposit is recalculated accordingly.

3.3. The student has a right to change the type and the format of their classes and spend the deposit or advance payment accordingly.

4. Provision of study process

4.1. ALMA School reserves the right to transfer the student to a more appropriate course or group, combine and split groups as well as add new students to the group.

4.2. ALMA School maintains the right to substitute or replace a teacher in case of necessity.

4.3. ALMA School reserves the right to alter the timetable (days and time when the classes are given).

4.4. Course materials provided by ALMA School are for students’ personal use only and should not be published or distributed in any way.

5. Receiving complaints

5.1. All complaints must be submitted either in person or in written form (via email or messengers) during the course of the student’s program at ALMA School. Refunds will not be given and substitutions will not be made as a result of complaints filed after the course of studies is finished.

5.2. Students fill out feedback forms at the end of the first lesson, during the course and at the end of the course. If the student expresses dissatisfaction with any matter in relation to ALMA School then the student will be asked to fill out an additional form or give a short commentary in person or in written form to help us resolve the issue faster. If any questions or issues arise, students may immediately inform the administration.

6. Photos, videos and class surveillance

6.1. The student agrees that the photos, videos and audios taken by ALMA School may be used for promotional purposes. In case of objection, the student must inform ALMA School in advance in written form.

6.2. For monitoring purposes and to ensure the consistent quality of teaching ALMA School may run video surveillance in certain classes (online and offline), or a representative from the school may be present in class to evaluate the teacher.