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Our universal transparent pricing policy is one of our main advantages of learning Ukrainian and Russian with ALMA School

Our Pricing Policy

We want our students to understand what they pay for and how much they pay for it, so we have:


unwieldy price calculators
convoluted pricing policies
hidden fees
registration fees
complicated package deals and offers

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Below is an explicit table with our prices for both Ukrainian and Russian classes, same for all students and any format.

Prices of the classes

Prices of the classes

Prices of the classes

*Prices “per hour” mean prices for 60 minutes of class.
Price per person
Intensive group classes
2-6 people
€150 per week
€ 10 per hour
– everyday 3-hour classes (180 min)
– minimum period of attendance is 1 week
– can be paid weekly or monthly
Regular group classes
2-6 people
€12 per hour
– classes run 1-3 times a week or more
– duration can be 60, 90, 120 min
– paid monthly
Individual classes
1 person
€19 per hour
– duration can be 60, 90, 120 min
– individual schedule each month
– paid monthly