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ALMA Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are young but experienced, eager but casual, exceptionally talented but humble individuals who will make sure your study process is effective and enjoyable, who will encourage and inspire you on your way to success.


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ALMA School was established back in 2014 by two friends, ALyona and MAria. Both had already taught for a while and came to a conclusion that it was time to create a new space for studying Ukrainian and Russian, a school that would be the opposite of everything that existed at that time in Ukraine and beyond. And up until this day ALMA School strives to be a modern environment where effective teaching methods are combined with excellent customer service, professionalism and a human touch.



Co-founder, Teacher of Ukrainian and Russian

– 10+ teaching experience of Ukrainian and Russian
– certified teacher of Russian as foreign from Moscow State University
– knows English and Italian, has a Law degree and is an attorney
– likes knitting mittens and crochet tops for herself, her friends and family


Co-founder, Teacher of Russian

– 12 years of teaching experience
– certified linguist and translator
– speaks fluent English, knows Spanish and Italian
– loves karaoke and enjoys a good laugh


Administrative and Program Manager, Head Teacher

– 10+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages
– is an avid book-lover, film subtitles translator, comprises weekly timetables of the movies in the original for the Expat Community of Kiev
– loves knitting and embroidery: has even made her own vyshyvanka (a traditional embroidered Ukrainian shirt)


Teacher of Ukrainian

– 10+ years of language teaching experience
– a linguist and a certified translator of English and Spanish
– speaks fluent Portuguese
– is passionate about Ukrainian folklore and holds workshops on Easter Egg painting
– is a professional video-maker


Teacher of Ukrainian

– is both a linguist and an archaeologist
– loves taking part in historical reenactment
– is a part-time curator for Taras Shevchenko House Museum
– speaks fluent Chinese


Teacher of Ukrainian and Russian

– a certified Ukrainian language linguist 
– knows English
– loves reading classic English literature
– is a counted cross stitch enthusiast


Teacher of Ukrainian

– a certified Ukrainian language linguist
– is obtaining her second degree in journalism
– is editor-in-chief for an internet news portal
– a professional badminton player


Teacher of Ukrainian and Russian

– 10+ years of teaching experience, a certified linguist and teacher
– speaks fluent English and knows Japanese
– is a Jack of all trades and a master of each: plays the violin, does wakeboarding, sings, goes in for boxing, hikes in the mountains and studies computer linguistics to name a few


Teacher of Ukrainian and Russian

– a certified Ukrainian language linguist
– specialises in corporate programs for ALMA School
– is a pro at collecting puzzles
– loves latin music and dancing


Teacher of Ukrainian and Russian

– a certified Ukrainian language linguist
– speaks fluent English and knows Spanish
– is passionate about traveling and meeting new people
– loves music and dancing
– enjoys photography, poetry and drawing


Teacher of Ukrainian

– 10+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages
– senior Lecturer of Ukrainian and Russian as foreign at two Universities
– loves modern art, especially literature and theatre
– is passionate about growing flowers in her own garden